Senin, 23 Agustus 2010

Dolphin3D Web Browser

Dolphin3D Web Browser merupakan salah satu internet web browser seperti mozilla, IE, Opera, dll. Bedanya Dolphin3D, memiliki tampilan yang sedikit lebih menarik bila dibandingkan dengan browser yang ada saat ini. Pensaan kan?? Cekidot..

Features :

  • Dolphin3D is a full-featured Internet Explorer-compatible tabbed web browser
  • Dolphin3D is freeware (the free version is the full version) How and why do we offer this software for free?
  • Dolphin3D contains no adware or spyware You can read our privacy policy here.
  • Dolphin3D currently runs under Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and higher), Windows Vista, and Windows 7 **
  • Dolphin's 3D layers allow opening and organizing multiple sets of tabs on each of its 3 separate layers. Each layer is easily accessible via tab-like layer buttons on the left margin of the web browser window as seen in this screenshot. You can watch a quick-start training video that shows use of the 3D layers in this video on our YouTube channel.
  • Dolphin3D users can submit and vote on new features they'd like to see included in future versions in the Dolphin3D Community Forum.
  • Dolphin3D incorporates a built-in bug submission and feedback form to facilitate user input in our continuing quest to improve the Dolphin3D user experience
  • Dolphin's built-in "Power Tools" are accessible via a unique slide-up panel which allows them to be tightly integrated with its web browser and viewed simultaneously with web pages within the same main application window.
Link :

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